In Breath of the Wild, there are plenty of uses for the Champions’ gifted abilities.  Admittedly, some uses can come out of laziness. The player has to scale that mountain to complete the Cliffside Etchings shrine quest?  Yeah, no.  Revali’s Gale.  Boom.  Half of the climb-time, gone.  There’s a Lynel guarding the road down there?  That’s cool.  Daruk’s got the player’s back.  Smash, smash, can’t touch this.  Oh, no, no, no, the player got distracted and didn’t pay attention to their hearts!  Mipha, help the player out here, love!

But, can we talk about Urbosa’s Fury for a moment?

A large radius of crippling pain that drops enemies to their knees and keeps them there until the player walks up and slaps them with their broadsword.  No need to waste lightning arrows or follow enemy movements while adjusting the bow’s aim, and thunder blades are so rare.  Plus, it effects every enemy at once – the player can take down entire camps of Moblins, Bokos, and Lizalfos, eliminating half of them in one go.  Stronger foes?  No problem.  As a personal example of how versatile Urbosa’s Fury is, I started sneak-attacking Lynels with it, paralyzing them long enough for me to mount and stab them several times in the back, laughing maniacally as I did so.  Many Guardians suffered similar fates, too – lightning to bring them down from a strategic distance, then run in and smack them with a few well-placed stabs.  And when any of them got back up, two more rounds of lightning were waiting.

Yes, there are downsides.  The charge-up time, for one, is annoying, especially when timed wrong and the player gets smacked halfway through.  Furthermore, the damage dealt isn’t really notable.  Yet, learning how to properly utilize Urbosa’s Fury to gain the upper hand on high-level and groups of enemies has been one of the most satisfying points of playing Breath of the Wild.  I know it’s definitely the one ability I use the most.

What do you think?  Which of the Champions’ gifted abilities did you find most satisfying to use?  Let us know in the comments below!

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