I love The Legend of Zelda.  All of the games are great, but I’m specifically more attracted to playing the 3D titles.  I’ve often asked myself why this is; could it be the more stunning visuals, or the more intricate music?  Could it be the mapping system, or some of the more unique fighting techniques that can only be found in 3D games?  Or, if I get down to the nitty-gritty of the matter, is it because I’m just not very good at some of the 2D games, or more specifically, their boss battles?  I firmly believe that any seasoned player has got to admit there are many 2D boss battles that are certainly more difficult than most of the 3D ones we’ve seen so far.

Personally, I just seem to struggle with some of the boss battles in 2D games like A Link to the Past and Oracle of Seasons.  I do know that timing and pattern technique in this type of game definitely needs to be more precise than what’s required for 3D titles.  Fighting 2D Ganondorf can be very unforgiving, especially without upgrades, and when I tell you I must have attempted Onox’s Dark Dragon phase at least fifteen times, I’m not exaggerating!  Out of all the 2D bosses though, Thunderbird from The Adventure of Link really takes my cake.  Dodging and repelling its fireballs while trying to deal damage to this guy felt impossible.  In fact, I found Thunderbird so unbelievably difficult that when I finally completed the game, I decided that I had no reason to put myself through the stress of it ever again!

I’m sure that there are many Zelda fans who are in agreement with me when it comes to 2D boss battles being more difficult, but even if you aren’t, I’d love to hear which one you struggled with most.  Let me know in the comments below!

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