The Legend of Zelda as a series could be considered a fantasy adventure library of games. Throughout the series we’ve seen fairies, magic spells and deities.  There are mystical lands, mythical creatures, and a mighty hero who wields a sword of legend. The game definitely has so many fantasy elements! But I feel like the most recent instalment of the Zelda series, Breath of the Wild, lacked a magical element as far as fantasy elements are concerned.

In past games, the player was given a magic meter, or an item that had a magical property to it. I really missed that element in Breath of the Wild. The most “magical” thing we see in the game is when Princess Zelda uses her power to seal away Ganon, among other pieces that we see during cutscenes. What magic does the player get to use? You could say that the abilities that the Champions bestow upon Link are magical, but I don’t know. The champion’s abilities never struck me as magical. Since we are talking about Breath of the Wild I do hope that the sequel provides more of a magical element that we have come to know and love in past Zelda games.

What do you think? What other fantasy elements would you like to see play a larger role in the Zelda series? Sound off in the comments below!

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