The Legend of Zelda franchise has had many lovable companions over the years, from the sarcastic and witty Midna to the calculating and loyal Fi. Yet none are more infamous than the first companion character in the entire series, Navi from Ocarina of Time. Her classic, shrill “Hey listen!” is one of the most iconic sounds of the franchise, and many players have grown to despise her nagging and pestering during their journey through this classic game. But, was she really as bad as many make her out to be?

Navi was the first companion character in The Legend of Zelda, and as such, was a sort of experiment on Nintendo’s part. Because of the newness of the concept, it was not executed as well as it was could have been done and has been done since. She would frequently remind the player of where Link needed to go or what Link needed to do, which was especially annoying when the player was in the middle of a side quest, simply exploring for fun, or worst of all, when the player was currently working towards what Navi was reminding him to do. However, this wasn’t all bad. If the player had trouble following what needed to be done or forgot what was next, Navi could easily remind the player at any time. Or, if you had taken a break from playing Ocarina of Time for a while, and when you got back, you couldn’t remember what you had to, Navi was able to help.

So what do you think? Was Navi really that annoying of a character? Or was she kind of nice, or at least tolerable? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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