Since the release of Breath of the Wild, fans of the Zelda franchise have seen a shakeup in how things are done in-game. A prime example of this would be having to actually cook food for health, instead of the good old recovery heart doing it’s usual job. Even weapons can break and shields don’t last forever! This change has inspired mostly positive reviews and prompts me to wonder, what other changes are possible in future Zelda games?

One thing that I think is a possibility, is abolishing the rupee and introducing gold and silver to the currency of Hyrule. After all, precious gems are found all over the land in Breath of the Wild, so why not precious metals in which to forge coins?  It sounds to me as though this would be the next step in Goron mining!

What changes to the typical Zelda game do you think are possible?  Let us know in the comments below!

Featued image by Dayoart, check out more of their work here.

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