Which do you prefer, blisters on your heels, or a sore rump from riding? Perhaps you enjoy a little bit of both. With Hyrule being such a vast kingdom (continent?) in Breath of the Wild, Link is going to be racking up the mileage as we explore every section of the map, more than once if you’re as dedicated as me. We are given two ways to get around. Sure, there’s always fast travel for those long distant trips, but for the spaces in between, how do you prefer getting from one destination to the next? Do you like riding horses, or walking/climbing on your own hands and feet?

In the long ago, we were introduced to Epona in Ocarina of Time. This was an awesome feature and a progression in the series that felt natural given the game’s fantasy roots. Calling your horse and galloping around was so much fun back then. So why, here today, do I find horseback riding in Breath of the Wild to be so frustrating? Sure, horses are quicker, but having to get on and off your horse every time you want to go climbing , or solve a Korok puzzle grows tedious, quickly. The controls were hard to manage when dealing with the horses temperament. In fact, I avoided riding so much so that I only discovered there’s a special riding song toward the end of my first playthrough.

That’s not to say that having a horse was all bad. I did enjoy catching/taming wild horses. Customizing their saddles and manes. And being able to ride deer was just wild. But, those perks did little to sway me into the saddle for the long term. By the end, after all the miles on foot, my boots were worn down and my legs were sore. But, it sure beat getting stuck with a horse on a small rock or riding into a tree.

How did you prefer getting around in Breath of the Wild? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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