Princess Zelda, throughout nearly all of the Zelda titles, is almost synonymous with the quintessential Zelda experience; embark on a noble quest to defeat Ganon or his minions and free Princess Zelda. Her status as royalty has been an important part of the games, and with the exception of Skyward Sword, this was always the standard.

Something that I always appreciated about Skyward Sword is that it was the first game to characterize Zelda herself. Breath of the Wild followed suite with humanizing Zelda through her duties as royalty, but Skyward Sword‘s representation of Zelda as a normal, yet kind and enthusiastic girl was refreshing to see. It’s a shame that she gets abducted so early on though–being able to spend more time with her on equal footing as good friends and see more of her personality would have been great. What would Zelda be like if she wasn’t duty bound to a kingdom, but rather her family? Would she embrace a quiet life participating in local festivals in a small town? What do you think? If Zelda could be reincarnated as non-royalty, what ideas would you like to see explored? Let us know in the comments!

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