Spoiler Warning: The comments section in this article may contain spoilers for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom has officially been out for a little over 2 weeks and countless players have already completed the 50-hour main storyline. Despite this, players can reportedly expect about 175 hours of content if they seek to 100% complete the game. With this vast amount of content to discover and with many fans having waited years for this sequel, should we be hurrying to complete any part of the game?

In the speed running community, one player completed the main story of Tears of the Kingdom in just 94 minutes. For some players, the desire to finish the main story quickly is to be in control and avoid spoiling the game for themselves by accidentally seeing spoiler-containing content online. Others are simply driven by wanting to get to the next area of Hyrule. Whether it’s pushing to recover the memory in the next Geoglyph you glimpsed while soaring through the skies or just wanting to complete the next phase of the quest you’re on, it’s definitely tough to put this game down!

Are you a player who prefers to get through the main story first, then go back and complete the extra content? Or is your preference to complete side quests and other tasks as they come along? Personally, I am the latter. While I love the legendary stories Zelda is notorious for weaving, something about completing side quests and other tasks as I unearth them adds to the total immersion I feel exploring this world of Hyrule. I find myself logging hours in just one region, and even then still not discovering all the undoubtedly hidden gems.

So how do you play? Let us know in the comments!

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