Toon Link is probably the most controversial rendition of Link that Nintendo has ever created, as heated arguements have been brewing ever since its announcement in 2001. After showing off the fantastic tech-demo in which we see Link engaging in an extraordinary sword fight, so advanced compared to the previous 3D Zelda games we had received, they decided to present the cartoonish aesthetics of The Wind Waker, which left a large amount of fans feeling upset and cheated. Wind Waker turned out to be great game nonetheless, with fans prasing it to this day.

Nintendo did eventually redeem themselves by releasing Twilight Princess at the end of the gamecube’s lifetime. Sadly, this left The Wind Waker out of sync, with the next installment (Skyward Sword) featuring another realistic Link. Strangely enough, a lot of people seem to overlook the two DS games that were released throughout its lifetime; Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass. Both of these games featured the same Toon Link art style, which also seems to be the reason they get overlooked so often. Personally I find Toon Link one of the better looking Zelda characters, also fitting in alongside the earlier 2D Links. I would also love to see Toon Link return in another 3D console game, hopefully feeling just as homely as The Wind Waker did.

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