I recently replayed Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons for the first time in years. One of the most unique aspects of these games I’ve always noticed is the rings, which don’t appear in any other titles in the series.

There’s a total of 64 rings to collect between the two games, some of which can only be obtained by beating both games back-to-back, and sharing them between save files using the Linked Game feature. There’s an incredibly wide range of rings, from rings that are just trophies like the Friendship Ring, to the Green Ring which boosts Link’s attack and defense. Some rings also provide unique abilities like throwing bombs further or stopping cracked floors from breaking. I’ve always found the transformation rings, although not particularly useful, to be quite comical. Being able to walk around as an Octorok or a Moblin is always amusing.

It’s always been strange to me that rings haven’t made a return since the Oracle games. I think they are a far more interesting collectable than Poes or Korok Seeds, given that each one is unique, and most have a lot more utility than a big golden blob as a reward (yes, I’m looking at you Breath of the Wild!)

So what do you think? Should they bring back rings in future titles, maybe even in Tears of the Kingdom this May? Let us know in the comments below!

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