Link has always been described as a youth in the Zelda franchise. After all, Miyamoto modeled Link after his younger adventurous self. After many Zelda titles of Link’s age ranging from a young boy to an older teenager, is it time for a change?

Maybe a nice age for Link would be middle aged. In his 40s, Link could be an experienced fight or a hunter with lots of worldly knowledge. He would know the area quite well, as well as all the local legends and lore that seems to surround the kingdom of Hyrule.

Nintendo could pull an unsuspecting move and choose to place Link in his 50s or 60s. An older but strong and mature Link could barge through Ganon‘s little underlings, swinging the Master Sword around like a pro on his way to save Zelda.

What do you think? Should Link stay a youthful boy, or should his age be changed in a future Zelda game? Share your thoughts by joining the Daily Debate below.

Fan art: kevinbolk

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