Link’s Awakening and Breath of the Wild are the few games in the series to feature variations of essentially the same ending, depending on how the games are played. Majora’s Mask almost plays with this idea by including a unique game over scene of Termina being obliterated if Link fails to save it in time. These games stand out as including variations on the endings, but there aren’t any completely different ones present. For the most part, the presentation of the ending is linear, with variations as a result of the choices made and the gamestyle of the player.

Franchises like Nier feature multiple, completely original and unique endings depending on the choices the player makes that greatly impact the story. While some of these endings can be more silly or serve to continue the story, the success of Nier Automata makes a strong case for the exploration and pure fun it is to unlock alternate endings and see the different possibilities and fates of the characters. The possibilities the Zelda series presents is endless, especially with the multiple timelines, and because of this, I think an entry with multiple endings to unlock would be a fun and unique experience. Do you like the idea of video games having multiple endings, and should the Zelda series join their ranks? Let us know in the comments!

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