There is not a doubt in anyone’s mind that Breath of the Wild is an extremely expansive game, with the freedom to basically do what you choose. Some have only played through the story, some have sunk hundreds of hours into going full-explorer mode, and many have played it multiple times, normal and Master modes alike. And a few have taken on the daunting task of attempting to achieve that beautiful figure, “100%.”

I have recently become one of the latter. After putting over two hundred hours into the story and initial exploration, I have decided to attempt to go back and fully complete the game. It’s been quite the challenge, considering I did not realize when I initially made this decision all there was to do. Further, in doing this, a few have come to me and asked, “Why?”

To me, it’s mostly to see if I can do it. Perhaps a matter of interest, to see what all I missed. To conquer it all. But is it worth it? One hand says that all those little nooks, crannies, Compendium entries, side quests, and Korok seeds are there to be found. The world was built to be time-consuming for those that want to try and discover everything. Yet, I also got the full story, I have seen the characters, met them, and interacted with them. I know the game’s story like the back of my hand. I could walk away and be happy having only reached my current percentage. I don’t need to do more.

So…is it worth trying? What do you think?  Have you tried to 100% complete Breath of the Wild, or would you even find it worth your time? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image by De-Mon Varela.

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