Dungeons & Dragons is a wonderful cultural phenomenon that has experienced a resurgence in recent years. With a variety of classes and gameplay styles to choose from, coupled with the imaginative stories Dungeon Masters weave for their players, the Dungeons & Dragons fever is going strong. It’s fun to imagine existing video game or anime characters with a Dungeons & Dragons class. If I had to pick just a few Zelda characters, I would go with:

Link: Paladin or Bard
I think Link would do well as a Paladin. The class specializes as an offensive, heavy hitting tank that can also spell cast. Link’s expertise with magic and sword fighting would definitely be valuable for the party. I do think you could make a case for Link being a bard, too. Bards specialize in playing musical instruments to boost their allies and distract the enemy. With Link usually being a musician of some kind throughout the Zelda games, classing him as a Bard would make a lot of sense.

Zelda: Wizard
This is a no-brainer for me. Zelda does best as a spell caster, so it makes for her to stay behind the front lines and nuke everything from a distance as a wizard. Plus, wizards get access to some pretty handy abilities at higher levels that enhance their spell casting and strength even more.

Ravio: Alchemist
Ravio’s procurement of a variety of items in A Link Between Worlds makes the Alchemist class a pretty good fit for him. He can specialize in using pretty much weapon he so chooses in combat while creating various potions or Bombs to fight with.

These are just a few suggestions for Dungeons & Dragons classes for Zelda characters, but who would you class them as? Any additional characters you have in mind? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by Johanna T

This Daily Debate was inspired by ninjanunchucks4

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