Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

If there’s one thing the Zelda series has in spades, it’s interesting characters. While not all of them hit the mark, they’re all quirky and compelling in their own way. From Midna to Tingle, there’s someone of every type in the franchise.

That being said, everybody reacts to things in unique ways. For example, many fans love Midna while a few (such as myself) don’t really mesh with her. Tingle is another fantastic study. He’s an awkward 30+ year old man who desperately wishes he was a fairy, to the point where he dresses up as one and invents his own magic words. In Japan, Tingle is hugely popular, while in North America, he tends to be much less… well-received. Agatha is also an interesting case in which her love of bugs creeps some people out, while others find her unquestionably adorable.

With these things in mind, what if you had the chance to redesign any character in the Zelda series? Would you make Ganondorf more likeable? Ilia less useless to the overall story? Perhaps a simple change of outfit or appearance is in order. Sound off in the comments below with your redesigns!

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