One of the strangely appealing aspects to Animal Crossing is real time changes and limited events. As the seasons move, the virtual world moves with you. Spring fades into the heat of summer, and waking up to see the first snowfall of your virtual year is always thrilling. Anyone who plays mobile games knows that limited time in-game events around holidays can be quite exciting! So, how could a real-world calendar mechanic change gameplay in a Zelda title?

There are plenty of ways gameplay and game design could open up. Seasonal armor, festivals, and special dungeons all come to mind. Except for when particular events are a part of the plot, we have very little indication of what the people of Hyrule celebrate. Is there a celebration honoring chickens? A day celebrating the founders of Tarrey Town? Largely, we’ve never seen these more intimate scenes. As players, we’re dropped into the world at an inert place in time, regardless of how many day cycles we watch pass.

A more complex application could be the integration of time-locked dungeons. Secret challenges, not reliant on the main story or purchase of DLC. Similar to Link’s Awakening color dungeon, this content could add cosmetic and game enhancing rewards. Or, more complex still, there could be an entire dungeon where the contents shift or open dependent on what time of year you play through in real life.

But would you? Would you enjoy limited time events in a Zelda title, or even consider waiting months in the real world for these changes? Or do you prefer purchasing DLC like Breath of the Wild‘s? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image by SophiesPlushes.

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