Over the years, we have seen a few different variations on Second Quest modes by Nintendo. These are modes where you can go back and play the game over again after having already beaten it, but the second time through things are different in a number of ways. For Nintendo, this has essentially come in two different forms. The first of these is a totally unique recreation of the original game, such as the Ocarina of Time: Master Quest or the Second Quest for the original The Legend of Zelda. The second type has become commonplace in the last few Zelda games, which Nintendo calls Hero Mode. This mode is still the same layout as the normal game, but enemies do more damage and finding hearts becomes much more challenging. While it is admirable that Nintendo adds optional difficulty to Zelda titles for people that would like to play them again, it still feels like it falls far short of what needs to be done to make a truly meaningful second play-through.

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest is one of my favorite games of all time. The changes in the game mixed the sensation of being back in a world that you loved with the feeling of playing it for the first time. It is a truly amazing experience that completely refreshes a game many people thought that they already knew inside and out. On the other hand, we have Hero Mode, which in comparison is an extemely shallow Second Quest mode. While I do appreciate that they at least do something more for the die-hard fans, I can’t help but think back to modes like Master Quest and Second Quest and feel that Hero Mode is an empty shell of what it could be.

With the new Majora’s Mask 3D coming up next spring, I can’t help but hope that Nintendo is working on something like the Master Quest for this upcoming title. Considering that it has been in development since 2011, it seems that there has been plenty of time to create one. After all, how could you spend that long developing a game that has already had most of its elements revamped in Ocarina of Time 3D?

Do you think that Hero Mode is a less satisfying version of Master Quest mode? Do you think that it’s understandable that they don’t make a Master Quest mode for every game? Do you enjoy Hero Mode and think that it’s an acceptable Second Quest mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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