If there is one thing that cannot be denied, it’s that Breath of the Wild made a huge mark on the Zelda series. There are aspects of that game that, I imagine, will be seen in main line titles from now on — like an open world, for example.

Still, for many, the game is not without its issues. One of the bigger ones that fans often say they want gone is weapon durability. Players find a cool weapon they like, or finally find a weapon that’s strong enough to beat an enemy they just couldn’t beat before. They use it a few times, and they get the dreaded message that it will soon break. No one liked seeing that, and for some fans, it was a huge step back in their gaming experience.

So what if it was removed? What if the weapon never broke, and you could keep it in your inventory as long as you like, use it as much as you want, until you find something better? And the only thing standing in your way of having a massive arsenal of powered up blades, shields, and bows, was inventory space? How much would that have improved Breath of the Wild?

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