Of all the games that Link has a companion, who was your favourite? Many Zelda fans, including myself, might say that Midna would be the most witty and fun to work with. In saying this: was Twilight Princess really about Midna being Link’s companion, or was it that Link followed Midna? For those of us who feel the latter, we get a great back story into Midna’s life in the Twilight Realm, once the game comes to an end, and some of us were left wanting more. In my opinion, the closing of the gateway between the realms is the perfect amount of closure, removing any need for a sequel, but I was very interested in Midna’s story before she was outcast to the Light Realm.

Personally, I imagine a spin-off game where Midna is the main protagonist, the player, and we get to experience her rise and fall in the Twilight Realm; a real in-depth experience to learn her past. So today, let’s debate: Does Midna deserve her own spin-off title? Would you prefer a sequel re-opening the Twilight/Light realm relationship? Or do you feel that the explanations and ending in the game closes her character perfectly?

Source: Artwork by Yuqoi

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