As passionate as we can be for some things, sometimes points in life come along where those passions grow stale. It can be simply from repetition; or perhaps the thing we are passionate about has changed in a way that we dislike? All of us who use this website enjoy The Legend of Zelda, but there might have been a time where the series lost its interest for us.

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a burn out with the Zelda series. I’ve always managed playing the games in a way to keep that from happening to me. One of the only series of games I did get burned out on was the Assassin’s Creed series. I really enjoyed the games at first, but the games began being released annually. Ultimately, I think the annual releases was what made me lose interest. I had all of the games up until Assassin’s Creed: Revalations, skipped Assassin’s Creed III, and bought Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (and had some enjoyment out of it). That was the last Assassin’s Creed game I bought. I just had my fill of it.

Have you ever had something similar happen to you with the Zelda series? Are there any Zelda games you’ve played over and over, to a point where you haven’t replayed them for a very long time? Has there been a line of releases that you considered dull, and skipped over? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!




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