In case you missed it, Zelda Informer has been promoting it’s Best Zelda Ever list and the corresponding contest that went along with it. The premise was simple: the twenty writers that make up Zelda Informer’s writing staff were tasked with ranking their favorite Zelda games from most favorite to least. Those lists were aggregated to form one ultimate list, thus making up our Best Zelda Ever list!

You can see the results of that list here. But now that it’s here… do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jebradiah Drake

    I mean I didn’t agree with the exact placement, but I feel like you summed up your placement well enough that no one would call you out on poor decision making.

  • It’s a well made, well reasoned list, but it doesn’t reflect my feelings.
    But with such a subjective topic, how could it?
    I think the top ten is great, just not in the order I’d place em.

  • Isaix

    Each his own opinion,so the list is not wrong,mine would definitly be very different.I’d easily play Zelda 2 over Skyward Sword and I can see Majora’s Mask on top,but I prefer Ocarina and Twilight.To this day I still can’t place Breath of The Wild on my list,it’s so different,it’s in my top 4 for sure,but I’m not sure if I prefer it over Oot,TP or MM

  • Vados

    No. Wind Waker is way too high up.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    It’s one of the best games in the series

  • Vados

    that’s an insult to this franchise

  • Dave Westphal

    The list is *very* subjective. It’s also complicated, as you have to take into account so many factors, the technology of the time, gameplay, etc. Personally, without the original, the franchise wouldn’t exist, let alone have a list made, so how it could not be number 1? Especially since it basically put such games on the map, both literally and figuratively. Yes, Mario is the linchpin of Nintendo, but he had to evolve,. Link was already there.

    Personal gaming experience, Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time would round out my top 3. Majora’s Mask a distant 4, mainly because you had to do so much to get the complete feel. I’m not much for side quests. Let it flow. Skulltullas were dispersed in OOT, picked them up as you went along, then the rest after. Objects in mini dungeons like Ice Cavern and Bottom of the Well were on the way. All 24 masks were just s chore. Especially the Couple’s Mask.

    As for the other games, most of us, or a lot of us, didn’t have the systems, or could afford the other games of the franchise, so it’s hard to rate what you didn’t play. So again, subjective and incomplete. It is well thought out, though.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Oh no you have it confused with Wand of Gamelon

  • Sam Sibilski

    It’s not an insult to the franchise, as it isn’t a bad game. It’s definitely down there with Skyward sword tho.

  • Sam Sibilski

    I’m not sure why Majora’s mask is number it is an amazing game, but not number one.

  • Sam Sibilski

    My list:

    5) Wind Waker
    4) Majora’s Mask
    3) Ocarina of Time
    2) Twilight Princess
    1) Breath of the Wild

  • Jebradiah Drake

    What would you say number one is?

  • Vados

    With the exception of the atrocious handholding, Skyward Sword is pretty good imo. The combat, soundtrack, story, characters and especially the dungeons were all fantastic. Those elements in Skyward Sword are among the best in the franchise.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Breath of the Wild may have sold a lot of copies and made a lot of money, but it’s a poor choice for “best” Zelda game depending on what criteria you grade it on. Like for instance, if your friend was thinking about getting into the series and was asking for which game was the best one to introduce a newcomer to the mechanics of the series, Breath of the Wild would be a very poor choice.

  • K2L

    I disagree, but only because I’m not a big fan of ranking the Zelda games to begin with. The only stable position for me, as of now, is Phantom Hourglass being last. All other games would fluctuate within the rest of the list if I made it, all depending on my mood.

  • Lucas Daniel Gröess

    But keep in mind thar BotW will be the new standard for the series and in the future this kind of thing will not be a concern.

  • Isaix

    Botw is different and it’s not the best entery point in the series for sure,but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be his favorite Zelda game.Personally my only criteria to grade them is fun,if Botw is the most fun therefore it’s the best

  • skywardocarina1

    Top five
    1. Skyward Sword
    2. Majora’s Mask
    3. Breath of the Wild
    Tied for 4. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess
    5. Spirit tracks (90% because of the soundtrack)

  • The Red Dragon

    The best Zelda game in my eyes is Twilight Princess. Wind Waker is a close second one. 🙂