Theories have been swirling like the green text from the trailer of Breath of the Wild 2, and I’m here to submit a new one. Did the Ancient Sheikah seal Ganondorf? We know that Ganondorf is the source of the malice pouring from his decaying body, but the big question is, “How did he get there?” Upon analysis of the trailer and pictures of the body, it’s obvious that Ganondorf has been mummified. The mummification looks very much like the monks found in the shrines in Breath of the Wild. The monks are adorned in golden jewelry, tattered clothing, and the crest of the Sheikah. Ganondorf has been preserved in a similar fashion with the golden jewelry and decaying clothes, but the difference here is the Gerudo crest. We also know that the monks have some form of sentience as they communicate with Link within the shrines. In the Breath of the Wild DLC The Champions’ Ballad, players get the opportunity to challenge Monk Maz Koshia and despite his old mummified state; he’s alive. Ganondorf and the Shiekah are probably connected more than being in the same universe.

If Ganondorf were left to be preserved by some other force or people, I imagine that they would do it how their culture recommended. Ganondorf being sealed in a tomb, or even some kind of shrine points a lot of fingers at the Sheikah having a hand in the sealing of the evil king. What do you think? Did the Sheikah seal Ganondorf away? Sound off in the comments below.

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