Custom Ganon Action Figure

Ganon-Boar-Twilight-Princess Marvel enthusiast Craig Warrack has quite an interesting passion. If you were to visit his YouTube channel, not only would you find several videos on reviewing brand action figures of either favorite heroes or favorite villains, but also videos showcasing the actions figures he’s created himself. Figures that, dare I say, might even be better than what you can buy at a toy store. Included in his collection of custom action figures- and quite recently finished- is none other than the King of Evil, Ganon!

Make the jump for the mechanics and to check out the process of Warrack’s stunning work!

Warrack states that this is the biggest and most intricate figure out of all his creations and that it took him about half a year to create. As you might have seen, scaled against a Link Amiibo, this figure is huge! I found that interesting, actually. In each game that we’ve seen Ganon, he’s always been significantly larger than Link, so that even an adult Link looks child size standing beside the mighty creature. With something so massive, this project surely wasn’t a minor feat!

What do you guys think of Warrack’s Ganon figure? If he were selling his custom creations, would you add this Ganon to your collection? And if Warrack decided to create another Zelda figure in the future, what do you think he should make? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: YouTube.