Custom amiibo are nothing new. In fact, we have covered custom creations a couple of times here on the site already. In anticipation for the release of Majora’s Mask 3D, imgur user zanarkandsky has posted her latest custom creation, depicting a Skull Kid infused version of Link. The dexterity to finely and accurately paint a figure like this is already impressive enough, but she takes the creativity up a level be redesigning an original outfit for the Hero. I like that she gave it an unpolished look to emphasize the wooden texture. It’s bright and colorful and still leaves the feeling of life being present, while somewhat absent at the same time. Am I looking to deep into it? Maybe. But I like to find the creativity in people’s imagination, even if it is accidental.

In all seriousness though, I think this a great addition to our collection of awesome fan creations, and you can see some more detailed images in the gallery below. What do you think of her work? Do you have any custom amiibos of your own? Share it all in the comments.

Source: imgur

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