Curiosity ShopHey guys, sorry for being a day late but here’s the mailbag! All about Majora’s Mask, of course. I love this month, haha. 13 questions, and I must say there are some really good ones in this mailbag. Enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:22) – What is your favorite form of Majora in the final boss battle? Majora’s Mask, Incarnation, or Wrath?
(01:14) – Last mailbag you said the Happy Mask Salesman could handle Majora’s Mask when the Skull Kid couldn’t, so does that mean he’s more powerful than Majora’s Mask?
(02:05) – Couldn’t Majora’s Mask have come from Hyrule, thus meaning the Dark Tribe wasn’t from Termina?
(02:59) – I was watching ZD’s video about the Red Star Theory, and do you think it really was “THEM”?
(03:53) – Why doesn’t the Fierce Deity’s Mask have an instrument, and what would it be if it did have one?
(04:44) – Do you think Termina is real or imaginary? I always thought it was created by Majora from Link’s memories of Hyrule.
(05:38) – Do you think the Zora guitarist playing in the credits is Mikau or just Link with the Zora Mask?
(06:31) – Where did the giants go after leaving the Skull Kid? And why did they leave in the first place?
(08:18) – Can you beat Majora’s forms without using the Fierce Deity Mask?
(09:03) – Do you think the Skull Kid from Twilight Princess is the same as the one from both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask?
(09:48) – I’ve noticed Majora’s Mask is shaped like a heart. Do you think it could mean something?
(10:21) – What do you think is the worst part about Majora’s Mask and how can it be improved?
(11:15) – What are your theories about the Children on the Moon? Do you think they have any connection to the Happy Mask Salesman?

Be sure to send your Majora’s Mask questions to for next week’s mailbag!

Can you guess the sound effect, quote, or music? And what about you guys? What’s your favorite form of Majora in the final battle? Do you think the Red Star is “They”? What would Fierce Deity’s instrument be? Any theories about the Moon Children? Tell me in the comments!

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