One of the more satisfying side quests in Ocarina of Time is Poe collecting. Link is tasked with hunting down the biggest and most mischievous Poes around Hyrule Field, striking them with arrows and shoving their souls into a bottle. The visual of a pitiful Poe soul floating around in its glass prison is just priceless. If you’ve ever wished to capture a Poe of your own, Hendo Art on YouTube released a video earlier this year showing exactly how to craft your own Poe in a Jar.

In this prop tutorial video, artist Hendo demonstrates the steps in creating one’s own Poe in a Jar. The materials required include an LED light, a clear jar, a clear two-part ornament, various shades of colored tulle, a hot glue gun, and scissors. Simply follow the steps laid out by Hendo, and you’ll have an imprisoned soul all your own. You can craft a Poe soul of just about any size, depending on your size of bottle of course.

I stumbled across this video just before the start of Ghost Week, and I just had to share with you all. Perhaps you can craft a few bottled Poes for your Halloween parties this weekend.

What do you think of this spooky craft project? Will you be building one this year? Let us know in the comments!

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