I’m not normally the one to let my heart melt for wedding photos, but these are absolutely adorable. A married couple recently shared some pictures from their amazingly awesome Zelda themed wedding. Everything from the attire, to the food, to the party favors has a beautiful Zelda glow that will bring joy to any fan’s heart.

The couple certainly put a lot of effort into every aspect of this wedding. Most of the decorations appear lovingly hand-crafted. Each of the groomsmen donned small Zelda pins, while the groom sported a larger Hylian Shield pin. The party favors provided for guests were gorgeous Zelda playing cards. The bride and groom chose to exchange gifts: a leather-bound book and a Heart Container pendant. And the cake was decorated with a few dozen fondant Navi ornaments and A Link to the Past Link and Zelda at the top. I especially love the meal tickets, which feature an Old Man sprite with a pixilated representation of a guest’s meal choice.

Quirky? Yes. But I won’t hide the fact that I bookmarked these photos for future wedding ideas.

Source: Imgur (HippieTaps)

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