The Zelda franchise has many prominent races, but one of the most impactful is the Kokiri and their subsequent evolution into the Koroks. Their numerous appearances add quite a bit to the overall lore of the franchise. So much in fact, that Dr.Wily on YouTube has compiled a historical recap of sorts of the Kokiri’s and Koroks’ numerous appearances. From Ocarina of Time to their most recent appearance in Breath of the Wild, this video demonstrates how these races contribute to the games in terms of gameplay, design, use, and story.

The video is fairly comprehensive and goes in depth to explain as much as possible about the Kokori and Koroks. I’ve always found the Kokiri in particular very interesting, as they’re the first of the races introduced in Ocarina of Time. Considering this and the fact that the Forest Temple is Adult Link’s first challenge, it gives the Kokori a centerpiece in one of Link’s most timeless journeys.

What did you think of this historical look-back? Are there other races in the Zelda franchise you would like to see a lore recap of? Let us know down below!

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