CNN: Blind Gamer Beats Zelda

Blind Gamer Beats ZeldaIt’s not too often that CNN is the source of Zelda news, but it is even more rare to see a blind gamer with the ability to make his way through the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. A recent report at CNN shows that Jordan Verner, a blind gamer from Ontario Canada has done just that.

With the help of three die hard Zelda fans guiding him literally every step of the way, Jordan was able to take down Ganondorf and complete the game. These fans typed up each and every one of the moves needed to complete a certain quest and sent the text documents over to Jordan. Through a computer program that would read the text, Jordan was able to follow the detailed directions and make his way through the game. All in all it took over two years for Jordan to complete the quest and it is quite an accomplishment indeed.

Even as a guide writer myself, I think it is just unbelievable the amount of time that these three fans took to type up such detailed, step by step instructions for a game that were so detailed that somebody who couldn’t even see the screen was able to complete the game. You can check out the full video report over at CNN Video.