The “Song of Storms” is a simple tune woven throughout the Zelda series, yet playing it can have some powerful effects. It’s a song to make the windmill go faster and drain the well in Kakariko Village, to return the Ikana River’s flow, to call forth rain and fairies, and to make the seeds grow. It’s a song to… put you to sleep?

Musician and avid Let’s Player Celestial Fury may have found a way to do just that, and friends, that’s not a bad thing. By slowing the tempo, layering in a piano’s melody and a steady beat, and putting this beloved song through a synthesizer, this ambient synthwave cover brings forth the rains in a very chill manner. Refreshing and soothing, we are presented with feelings of gentle rains on a warm spring night.

So go ahead.  Relax.  Make it rain.

What do you think of this cover?  Let us know in the comments below!

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