Kass is one of the most memorable characters from Breath of the Wild. The Rito musician is a fellow traveler you meet numerous times throughout your journey. As an accomplished musician, it is fitting that Kass also has one of the best musical themes in the entire game.

In this string quartet cover by Patti Rudisill (with IsrafelCello), the musicians captures the energy and playful nature of Kass’s theme. This arrangement of Kass’s theme is based on traditional Romantic era string quartets. Each instrument adds a layer to the song creating a rich wall of sound. The theme is still familiar to those who have played Nintendo’s latest adventure, yet the change from an accordion to strings helps make this arrangement feel distinct from the original version.

If you like this rendition of Kass’s theme, Patti Rudisill has other Zelda arrangements on her Youtube channel.

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