A central part of Majora’s Mask is its music. Not only is the ocarina used as a mechanic to restart the three-day cycle or change the flow of time, but the soundtrack as a whole also contributes greatly to the game’s story. One the tracks that always stood out to me was the “Song of Healing”, composer Koji Kondo bringing forth a melody of sorrowful hopefulness. Imbued with both deep loss and a sense of relief, it truly is a marvel that the reversed version of this tune is the upbeat “Lost Woods” from Ocarina of Time.

In their recent remix of “Song of Healing”, content creator Amie Waters maintained the melancholy feel of the original song while providing a twist. Adding in synth and electronic elements, the integrity of the song remains intact, yet the melody is presented with a different and dynamic feel. All in all, it brings into conversation a song about to celebrate its 20th birthday and reminds us all of it’s iconic timelessness.

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