The creators at Adafruit Industries are known for producing very impressive 3D-printed models, adding motion and LEDs to give them extra flare. Their latest project takes a stab at creating a Guardian from Breath of the Wild, with LED lights in the body, a blinking LED for the eye, and “searching” motion in the head. They documented the building process in a short video, so really techy fans with the right equipment can try to make their very own!

I’ll be honest, most of what just happened went right over my head, but I’m wildly impressed. The motion gives the replica a lifelike quality, so all it needs now is a talented artist to give it a nice coat of paint. Any creative fans who want to try 3D printing this Guardian can find the model on steveut’s Thingiverse. And if one wants to add the LEDs and motion, the necessary tools can be purchased from Adafruit Industries, where the Ruiz Brothers have provided a full set of instructions for creating the animatronic.

For a way to further spice-up that Guardian model, check out Adafruit’s video on how to put LEDs in its legs. And for more Zelda creations, see their Guardian Sword++, Guardian Shield+, and Hylian Shield videos.

What do you think of this 3D printed Guardian? Anyone out there have the equipment, skill, and patience to make one for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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