Ura Zelda is lamented by fans who’ve seen or read about the glut of content cut from Ocarina of Time during development as many of the nixed ideas were intended for inclusion on the 64 Disk Drive expansion. Among those curious about what might-have-been are YouTube’s GameOver Jesse and YuriofWind, who go into detail on the expected contents of Ura Zelda and how it would’ve differed from Ocarina of Time Master Quest.

Additional dungeons, tunics, items, quests, NPCs, areas, and more were planned for inclusion in Ura Zelda. The game was expected to have two different dungeons; a wind temple that was reworked into the Forest Temple, and an ice dungeon reworked into the Ice Cavern. It’s thought the expansion would include ways to unfreeze Zora’s Domain and win the Running Man race, provide more in-game functions for spiritual medallions and masks, and run on a seven-day cycle using the 64DD’s internal clock. There’s also text in Ocarina of Time’s data referring to a Sky Medallion and Sky Temple, as well as rumors of a possible Light Temple.

While Miyamoto said once that Ura Zelda had completed development, some think it wasn’t fully released because ideas and assets from it were utilized in Majora’s Mask and later Zelda titles. GameOver Jesse promises a follow up video covering even more of the rumored and alluded to content that didn’t make the transition from Ura Zelda to Master Quest.

Which pieces of cut content do you most wish had been included in the final release of Ocarina of Time? Do you think Master Quest truly is what Ura Zelda would have been, or do you think the evidence points to a much larger expansion? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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