The landscape of Breath of the Wild is undoubtedly one of the highest highs in that game. The sprawling nature of Hyrule, the way that there always seems to be something new around the next mountain, and the number of little details truly make it one of the finest iterations of the great kingdom.

The folks over at When Geeks Craft did something pretty amazing by making a breathtaking custom-made map of Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule. They’ve created maps before, but at the onset of this video, the crafters decide to follow the Nintendo team’s lead and create their biggest map ever. Using a combination of laser etching, epoxy, resin and paints, they created one of the finest maps of Hyrule I’ve ever seen.

The map’s gargantuan size means it took many more hours than the 18 minute video can show, including a near disaster that they talk about. This labor of love led to this stunning 2′ x 3′ map that the crafters show off at the end of the video by hanging on the wall. They also mention that all the files needed to create your own are available through their Patreon.

I love this piece and wish I could have it above my bed! Some of my favorite features of the map are the Great Deku Tree, who looks full of life and character, as well as the Breath of the Wild Sheikah text spelling out Hyrule at the bottom. The blue water is stunning as well and is totally captivating.

What did you think of this build? How would you like to have a piece like that on display? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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