It’s always amazing to see artists try their hand at depicting the imagery and icons of the Zelda series. Nintendo’s landmark series has so many characters, weapons, and locations that could be featured in potential art.

This beautiful piece by Lyndon Willoughby, also known as Willowstration, depicts Link and a massive Guardian. This wonderful image is for sale at the upcoming New York Comic Con. It’s a striking portrait, with the guardian dominating the image, colored in pink and deep purple, with some green trees sprouting on it. It looks as if this Guardian was just awakened with the pink glow around its eye. It’s easy to miss Link in this image, who is shown paragliding, little more than a silhouette.

The way the Guardian is presented against a background of clouds is reminiscent of the steam that flows from moving castle in Howl’s Moving Castle, a classic Studio Ghibli adventure. Overall, it’s a beautiful, vibrantly colored interpretation of Breath of the Wild‘s iconography.

You can find this and another Zelda piece in the gallery below! And if you are interested in Willoughnby’s art work, you can check out more of it here and here.

What do you think of this interpretation of Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below?

Source: ltw07a (Reddit)


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