Linktober is one of the best things a Zelda fan or art fanatic could ever ask for. An art challenge for creative Zelda fans, Linktober is a daily art and drawing challenge that takes place throughout the month of October. Anyone who has seen Zelda Dungeon’s Artists of Legend series knows how incredible submissions to Linktober can be!

In this digital speed paint, Desenhos de um Mangaká captures the essence of Kotake and Koume, the twin witches who raised Ganondorf in harsh deserts of Gerudo. These witches act as antagonists in Ocarina of Tine, kidnapping the good thief Nabooru and batting Link in the Spirit Temple. In the alternate reality of Majora’s Mask, the ancient crones serve as harmless, if not creepy, owners of Magic Hags’ Potion Shop.
Desenhos de um Mangaká does an excellent job of capturing the inherent creepiness and sense of malice that I associate with the twin witches. The large, bulging eyes, the long, beak-like nose, and the gritted teeth all create an image of an unfriendly and dangerous individual. The stark differences between the gray background and the white outline around the face and facial features make the piece really eye catching. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the crone’s crinkly features.
I also find it exciting to get a short look at the digital tools used to create the piece. Those of us who are outside of artistic communities rarely get to see the nuts and bolts behind digital art creation!
What do you think of this wonderful witchy, speed paint? Let us know in the comments below!
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