What do you get when you cross epic electric marimba playing and a whole host of effect pedals? Modded Marimba, of course! Modded Marimba, a.k.a. Andrew Dobos, combines a love of video games with a crazy cool art form to produce some truly enjoyable music covers.

Modded Marimba is a big Zelda fan and it shows, with their Zelda cover collection including “Great Fairy’s Fountain,” “Midna’s Lament,” “Song of Storms,” and “Saria’s Song.”

I personally love the attention to detail in each of Modded Marimba’s Zelda covers, from the colors and lighting (the studio during “Midna’s Lament” is so moody, and I’m here for it!) to the actual sound effects applied to the notes. If you love easter eggs, check out the letter board on the Modded Marimba studio wall. It changes with every video!

In addition to their covers on YouTube, Dobos provides lots of behind-the-scenes content on their TikTok and Instagram, with even more content available on the Modded Marimba Patreon. You can also check out Modded Marimba on their website and on Facebook.

Go ahead and take a listen to Modded Marimba’s fantastic Zelda covers. And if you like what they do, make sure to follow them to stay up to date on your next favorite music covers.

What did you think of Modded Marimba’s Zelda cover collection? Which tracks would you like to see them cover next? Let us know down below!

Source: Modded Marimba

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