The Zelda Dungeon team was among the first people to play Link’s Awakening on the E3 show floor. In addition to getting our hands on the latest Zelda adventure, we were also given the opportunity to take in all the sights and sounds that Nintendo incorporated into its booth. The Big N is well-known for its elaborate and well-constructed booth areas, and E3 2019 saw no exception. From a spooky hotel set for Luigi’s Mansion 3 and a large gym area for Pokémon Sword & Shield, Nintendo’s booth was a marvel to behold. But, obviously, the most exciting area in Nintendo’s booth for us was centered on the upcoming Link’s Awakening.

Link’s Awakening was given a large corner of floor space at Nintendo’s E3 booth. While eagerly waiting in line to see the game, our team enjoyed a collection of in-game sound effects and remixed LA tunes (the Key Cavern theme is good now, y’all!). But the excitement truly hit us when we saw the booth’s play area. The dozen or so game stations surrounded a series of four diorama displays, each one depicting a scene or area from Link’s Awakening.

One diorama depicted Mabe Village (including a BowWow and the Weathercock), one depicted the Ukuku Prairie region of Koholint Island (including a Moblin and an Octorok), one depicted the Key Cavern dungeon (including a Stalfos and a pair of Dodongo Snakes), and one depicted the iconic beachside meeting between Link and Marin. These scenes were one-to-one identical to the ones we’ll see in the final game; the displays were so well constructed (Nintendo artist Max Hancock was partially responsible) that it was difficult for us to find any discrepancies at all.

You can see all of our pictures of Nintendo’s Link’s Awakening booth in the gallery below.

Did you spot anything interesting these dioramas? Do the displays endear you even more to Link’s Awakening‘s art style? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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