Cello Cover Hyrule Castle Them We’ve got another Zelda cover for you guys; this time by YouTube user CelloBassett, playing A Link to the Past “Hyrule Castle Theme” on, you guessed it, the cello. Jump in and take a listen.




The nostalgia! Having A Link to the Past as my first Zelda game and being a string instrument enthusiast, I absolutely love this piece! Not only is CelloBassett very talented, but, if you pay close attention to him in the different frames, he’s got this slightly deadpan/comical mixture to his body language that adds to the entertainment. Checking out some other videos on his YouTube account- which you can find by clicking here– he’s also got a couple other Zelda covers, including the “Song of Storms” and the “Gerudo Valley” themes. I suggest checking them out.

Did you enjoy this cover? Would you like CelloBassett to create more? Let us know what you think, and comment your thoughts below!

Source: YouTube

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