Surprised to see me back? Yes, it is I, Gooey Fame, back again to serve as Cave of Trials co-General Manager! How you ask? When Mipha defeated Midna, the winner was supposed to get full control. Well, the Zelda Dungeon board of directors has decided that Andy has gone mad with power and he needs backup to run this operation. Questionable acts such as trolling our fans, misspelling Ghirahim, and power going to his head means I must step in to right these wrongs.


Now, I wanna see a rematch between Midna and Mipha just as bad as everyone else, but unfortunately, I can’t overrule his ban on Midna. Instead I propose a challenge. One that all of us Midna fans can show our support and prove that Midna is a truly great character. Week 35. Midna goes up against 5 opponents in 5 different matches. If Midna wins them all, she’s reinstated. If she loses even one, she’s gone forever with me leaving too. What do you say Spiteri?


 Anyway, on to the action! The New Sages put on a great performance at Zeldamania. Even though they could not become the tag team champions, I was so impressed that I am giving Makar a shot at Link. Let’s see if he has what it takes!

Cave of Trials: Week 32

  • Link (69%, 77 Votes)
  • Makar (31%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 112

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Current Champion Records:

Week 26 – Link (84%) def. Yuga (16%)

Week 27 – Link (80%) def. Niko (20%)

Week 30 – Link (92%) def. Mario (8%)

Week 31 – Link (65%) def. Girahim (35%)


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