ZeldaMania is in the books, and what a spectacle it was! Surprises, rivalries, drama, and everything one could hope for from the biggest show of the year.

Ganon won the Money in the Bank briefcase, earning a very favorable Championship opportunity in the future; The Usurper Kings proved that nice guys do in fact finish last by winning the Tag Team Championship, and perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was Link, the Champion, standing up for Zelda and all the full time Zelda characters, and thoroughly trouncing his iconic opponent Mario.

Link set the record for most votes for one character in a single performance; biggest margin of victory, and biggest ass-whoopin’ Cave of Trials has ever seen and likely ever will. The people spoke Mario; get your part-time schedule and get outta here.

Of course, then there was that match.

A gripping, dramatic, emotional affair that saw both Midna and Mipha, the Caves two undefeated Champions, put everything on the line to determine who could truly be called the best. After a fierce, back and forth battle, Mipha ended up pulling the victory off by the slimmest of margins. And all I have to say is…

WHO’S YOUR DADDY, ZELDA DUNGEON?!! I selected Mipha as my Champion and she won exactly as I said she would.  The outcry from some of Midnas supporter’s was frankly embarrassing, and now that Gooey is out of the picture as co-GM, I promise you that we will never, eeeever see Midna in Cave of Trials again!

As for this week’s match, Link takes his momentum and puts the title against the man who came within a snare of winning the MITB contract: the flamboyant villain Ghirihim. This week’s fight is on!

Cave of Trials: Week 31

  • Link (c) (65%, 115 Votes)
  • Ghirihim (35%, 62 Votes)

Total Voters: 177

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Current Champion Records:

Week 26 – Link (84%) def. Yuga (16%)

Week 27 – Link (80%) def. Niko (20%)

Week 30 – Link (92%) def. Mario (8%)

Feature art by moxie2d

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