It’s been a while, but our weekly Caption Contest is back! Last time,

Ghirahim was creeping a little too close to Link which brought about, as expected, some pretty “interesting” replies. As we are trying to keep this site kid friendly, there were some we couldn’t present in our post. However, if you really wanna see some of the more mature content, you can check them out here. All of the entries were great and I don’t think this week will fail to deliver either. This time around, we’re featuring another Skyward Sword scene with Zelda giving Groose the “what’s what”. As always,we are continuing the trend of featuring the images and text captions that were your favorites. Enjoy!

by: Fruit-Tingle

by: Gabriel De Leon

by: Corrun

by: Fruit-Tingle

by: Carlos Miranda

And now for the top captions not captured in a photo:

Really Real Name: “Sorry, I just farted.”

Stephen Richard Watson: “Dude, you smell like pea soup.”

Boots: “Your face when fanboys complain about a Zelda game.”

And here is your image for next week. Have fun!

Note: If your photo doesn’t upload immediately, give it a few minutes and refresh. Also, if you post and are featured as “guest”, simply reply to your photo under your account name so we can feature your user ID if you win.

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