As a Zelda fan, it’s kind of hard at times to grab somebody from outside the fanbase and pull them into your world. The most notable aspect of that difficulty is explaining the series’ timeline. Thanks to the Hyrule Historia being released in 2011, it has gotten a bit easier to teach an outsider what has been happening throughout the franchise’s in-game history. However, even with the Zelda timeline from the Historia book, it is still a challenge to explain everything.

So BuzzFeedBlue has decided to take it upon themselves to not only attempt to explain the timeline’s from the Zelda series, but do so in less than five minutes. Overall, they do alright for the most part. The woman in the video doesn’t go over every single little detail, but does more of an overview of all the Zelda games within each timeline, mixing in some humor now and again. Just watching this video reminds me of how confusing the timeline can be at times.

What do you think of this video? Is there anything you think BuzzFeedBlue should have talked about just a tiny bit more? Let us know in the comments below!

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