Bunny Hood Headband on Etsy

SuniHave you ever wanted to bound around like Link with the whimsical Bunny Hood topping your head? Sadly this neat little craft being featured will not grant you extraordinary bouncing abilities, but it will definitely look especially fun adorning you or being featured somewhere else.

A craft-centric artist on Etsy has made her own version of a real life Bunny Hood. What Erika Clark, Etsy user xXxMerciBokuxXx, has created is a seemingly flawless replication of the item. This fresh, classy representation is available for purchase in her shop online.

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Clark hails from Ohio, United States. Despite her prowess for the subject matter, her Etsy collection is not very Zelda-reliant. It is, however, quite cute and original as most Etsy users are. Other than the hood and a cool Lens of Truth replica prop, the gallery is mostly jewelry centered. Past the hair bows and necklaces there are other things as well.

Here is the headband for sale.

 photo 1be78ebe-ac49-4538-8237-566eeb4a9519.jpg

Check out the link below to buy the headband and view her store. Additionally, you should follow her newly-created deviantART account where she has other pictures of the Bunny Hood and some Keaton masks she created.

Source: Etsy

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