Not a lot of Zelda fans have been able to play the elusive Breath of the Wild demo. It hasn’t been widely available as of yet, and the largest audience that got to play it was at E3 2016. If you plan on going to EB Games Expo 2016, you’re in luck, as we have been told by an EB Games representative that a Breath of the Wild demo will indeed be present there.

There’s a catch, however. Only 333 fans will get a chance to play Breath of the Wild. How are these fans selected, you ask? To be eligible you must have bought four or more Zelda titles from EB Games locations. Further details on how to enter to be picked are not known at this time. We do know however that the demo is restricted to a 45 minute timer for each player.

Have you bought four or more Zelda titles from EB Games? If not, you may want to. Let us know if you’re going to attend EB Games Expo 2016 in the comments.

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