Just as iconic and memorable as it will be for years to come, the music from Breath of the Wild is a delight to the ears. Considering the small amount of orchestral scores (compared to other Zelda games) we manage to get in the game, the songs are still absolutely amazing. In fact, in the arrangement we’re looking at today, one pianist decided to put together a mashup of the more memorable tunes from Breath of the Wild.

That pianist’s name is Silvan, AKA ThePandaTooth, and he brings us a piano medley of the soundtrack’s more noteworthy songs. Silvan mainly highlights some of his favorites including Revalis’ Theme, Prince Sidon’s Theme, Daruk’s Theme, Hyrule Castle, Mipha’s Theme, Kass’ Theme, and Captured Memories. If you want to hear more, he has also performed piano covers of tracks from properties like Gravity Falls, Cuphead, and CoCo.

What do you think of this piano medley? Will you be checking out anymore of ThePandaTooth’s work? Let us know in the comments below!

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