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Bored With Summer Vacation?

Do you find yourself with too much extra time? Do you love Zelda? Would you like to contribute to Zelda Dungeon? Well now you can! We just updated our Job Openings! Take a look at our current openings! If you’re interested in applying, follow the steps below.

How to apply:
1. Read through our Job Openings Page.
2. Determine if you meet the skills for a certain position.
3. Click on the Contact Page link and fill out the form. The more information, the better.
4. Wait patiently for a response.

I’ve been getting a lot of good emails for staff applications! However, many of them I reply, asking for examples of past work. For example, if you apply for a content writer or editor, it would be very beneficial to give examples. I understand our contact form doesn’t have any upload features (for security and bandwidth reasons), but if you mention that you have examples upon request or links to them. It would be very beneficial for your application.

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