What To Expect!

Working at Zelda Dungeon is a volunteer job. We don’t pay with money, but we do pay with experience. All staff positions require that you have Skype. Skype is a free instant messenger program. We don’t have a required minimum time for participation, but we do expect a few hours each week. We don’t have any real set due dates, but we try our best to get things done quick as possible. We appreciate very much that you are a Legend of Zelda fan, but that alone will not land you a job. Each of our different jobs have different skills that are required from you. We will continue to update this page with current openings. Please feel free to apply to an already filled position. We may save your e-mail for future jobs.

Job Openings

General Content Provider

Description This job deals writing content for a variety of pages. You will be writing and producing web pages that will host information on specific areas of our games. For example, you may write a web page for characters or a page for bosses.
Good Grammar and Punctuation Skills.
Basic HTML and CSS knowledge
A knack to make good looking web pages

Media Coordinator

Description This job deals managing of music. You will gather different Legend of Zelda game soundtracks. You will then embed the songs into various videos. Then upload them to youtube. You will need some sort of video editing software. Windows Movie Maker and iMovie (Mac) will suffice.
Some experience with video editing
Some graphics skills
Some HTML/CSS experience
Access to Legend of Zelda Music

Youtube Video Provider

Description You will find and provide various videos. This means you may need to make yourself and/or show yourself. These videos will be Zelda related, and you will then upload to youtube. You must have some profesional form of video editing software.
Very strong experiences in video editing
Some graphics skills
Good communications skills

Walkthrough Coder

Description This job deals using HTML to code our walkthroughs. You will be required to take text and format it into a good looking web page.
Strong experiences in HTML, XHTML, and CSS
A knack to make good looking web pages

News Article Coordinator

DescriptionThis job deals with searching the internet for all Zelda related news and articles. You will be responcible keeping up with the latest in Zelda news. Then, you will read through various topics, and post summaries about them.
Good Grammar and Punctuation Skills
Basic HTML and CSS knowledge
Strong Experience in creative writing
Experience in effective search engine use

Content Editor

Description This job deals with editing our content. This job will require you to read a lot. You will check for spelling errors, grammar errors, typos, and minor adjustments. You will also give recommendations on how to make our content more entertaining and pleasurable to read.
Good Grammar and Punctuation Skills
Creative writing skills
Position Filled

Image Gallery Coordinator

Description This job deals strictly with managing our image gallery. You will upload new images, manage already uploaded images, edit width/height, make some images transparent, and edit their descriptions and titles.
You need some experience with either Photoshop or Gimp
A knack for finding flaws in images
Some basic artistic skills
Position Filled

Text Guide Writer

Description This job deals with our text base guides on Gamefaqs. You will have to edit and write text guides. You will also have to make text based maps and diagrams.
Good Grammar and Punctuation Skills
Creative skills using only text
Position Filled

Helpful Tips

1. Include some examples of your work.
For example, if you’re applying for content writer, post an example of an past essay or any writing example
If you’re going for image gallery coordinator, post some links to art work you’ve done.
If we don’t see some sort of example of your work, we may delete your application without responding.
For posting essays/writings you can use Paste Bin or Google Docs.
For posting images you can use Image Shack or Photobucket.
Please don’t post entire essays in your application, but rather a link to it.
Feel free to use anything else you find for posting links to essays/writings and images.

2. Keep your life story short!
We like to know a little about you, but not your entire life story.
We only care about the stuff goes towards the job you’re applying for.

3. Make your application more then a sentence, but not an entire page.

4. Make your application seem more like a resume.
It doesn’t have to be exactly a resume, but have some resume traits.
You may want add previous jobs, sites, experiences etc.

5. Tell us what you want to do.
When working with Zelda Dungeon, rarely will we tell you what to do.
You have to find stuff to do, and then do it.
When applying for a position, tell us what you would like to do?
Is there something you would like to add/improve? What is it?

How To Apply

You can send your application using our Contact Page, and use the Staff Applications category. Please provide: the job title a little bit about yourself your skills and knowledge past experiences any extra information you wish to add. The more information you provide, the better chance you will be considered. If possible, please give an example of your skills/knowledge. We don’t require that you have past experiences, but giving us an example would mean a lot. Thanks For Applying