Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

So after Australians receive a bonus Ocarina with the pre-order of Ocarina of Time 3D, it seems Eb Games Australia has another surprise for Zelda fans down under. They already have a page up for a limited edition bundle of Skyward Sword. Priced at $118, it’s odd that they haven’t actually stated what goodies will be included, but one can speculate.

A limited edition could potentially mean anything, from an art book to special cover art. But it seems pretty likely that this would be the edition of the game to contain the golden Wii-remote plus. Another item that could be included may possibly be the 25th anniversary soundtrack spoken of by Miyamoto at E3.

Whatever it will be, I’m sure time will tell what is to be included in this ‘limited edition’ bundle of Skyward Sword, but until then, tell us in the comments bellow what you think will be included, and what you would like to see included as a bonus?

Source: Eb Games Australia
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